Saturday, June 24, 2006


Word - holdin' it down in H-town. Sho 'nuff reppin' for the 281. Keepin it crunk in 2006 fo' da Lone Star State. Tonight was the 2006 Texas Holy Hip Hop Acheivement Awards, and yours truly, MC B0y1der, was in attendance. Artists from all over the U.S. walked the red carpet, performed, presented and accepted awards for Christian Hip-Hop. The event was held - I kid you not - at Copperfield Church, the church where I work. Another shining example that I have the greatest job ever, and that my church is willing to partner with, and open its doors to anyone who is reaching the community. You just wish you could have been there. No, seriously - I'm not kidding. It was quite a spectacle. Very, very surreal. My lead pastor, who we're now calling L-Dub Holy Ghost (and who is also whiter than an albino snowflake) presented an award alongside our perpetually hip worship pastor Ol' Dirty Austin Ryan.

Artists such as SoulFruit (who took home 4 awards), Educator, Govenor (not kidding), Nahledge, Tha Gim, Pettidee, Bigg Moose, Prblm Chyld, and DKUN FROST were all represented. Not to mention DJ Holy Ghost, DJ Millhouse, and DJ Stibs. The Atomic Dog, George Clinton of the Parliament Funkadelic, was supposed to be in the house as a presenter (rumor has it he's in Houston doing some community service), but I never saw the guy, and believe me - I looked (camera in hand). Two-time Boxing World Champion Reggie Johnson was on hand, and so was Big Mike - formerly of the Geto Boys (you remember them, right? My Mind Is Playin Tricks On Me?) - who delighted the crowd with a special performance.

The whole event was founded, put together, and made possible by the CEO of Much Luvv Records - Bobby Herring, A.K.A. Tre9 (pictured above). "Tre-nizzle", as we affectionately refer to him, is a great guy who I know because he actually goes to my church, and has been in attendance for several of our youth events. He even performed in Sunday School a few weeks back. I'm tellin' ya... crazy, our church is.

The after party for the event is currently being held in my youth room at the church. Here's hoping we can sort the place out before our regularly scheduled Sunday morning activities tomorrow.

Check out the site for the T.H.H.H.A.A. here.
I submit that you will not be disappointed.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

My birthday... your one-week warning...

I got this year's first birthday present this past weekend. Abby got me this shirt with the guitar dudes on it - because I'm so metal. That's right - 100% METAL. If you can't read it - the first dude's guitar is saying "Shug Shug Shugga Shugga Shug", and the second dude's guitar is saying "Weedleha Weedleha Weedleha Weedleha Weedlehaweeeeee!" It's actually the perfect shirt. Just in case you've never seen the perfect shirt. Now you have. My second birthday present came from Mark just yesterday. It was a killer Petra Mixtape - okay, it was a CD - with a bonus track of us doing killer renditions of Every Rose Has Its Thorn and I Remember You. It made me weep like a girl. Good times, man. Just another example of how metal I am. METAL.

Anyways - my 29th birthday. June 19, 2006. 7 days. Consider yourself warned.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Rock is dead...

... long live Paper and Scissors!!
No, seriously.
The USA RPS League Championships - on A&E in about 2 minutes.
I'm giddy.