Friday, December 14, 2007

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Robert has become a ministry god because Doug Pagitt posted a letter he wrote a few days ago (a letter that i would agree was excellent). It is now my goal to quote Robert as much as possible within my posts and thereby raise my ministry street cred.

Robert is cooler than me because he never ever ever mentioned it - unlike some people whose egos are in such need of a stroke that they send out the link in an e-mail to everybody they know.

Seriously, dude - I was reading that post not knowing it was you, and thinking, "Man, I can totally relate to that guy." Then when I got to the point where you mentioned Stevens Point, Wisconsin I thought - "Hey! Robert lives there!" I'm an idiot. I should have known it was you at "CHRIST-mas lights".


P.S. I am totally writing a book called:
Ministry god Marriage Counseling by Robert Terrell
by J.T.

No kidding. The manuscript is a Word document in my My Documents folder. Look for it at your local retailer this Spring - just in time to make a perfect shower gift for June brides!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

What Would Batman Do?

Earlier today, I came across somebody on a message board using this as their avatar:

No. I do not read message boards at work.

9 Most Bad*** Bible Verses EVER.

Go HERE for the hilarity.

And due to graphic violence, some profanity, and frank sexual language - this link is not suitable for younger viewers. Parents strongly cautioned.

(thanks to

Why So Serious?