Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Dear Blurried,

(Mostly in response to Shane's post over at Blurried.)

Okay, so - here's the thing, and no, this is not about to become an American Idol blog.
Last night during David Cook's performance I was slack-jawed and drooling.
I was amazed.
Not only does that song hold no small amount of sentimental value for me, but i thought to myself,
"This kid must be some kind of re-arrangement genius."
I was floored.
Then I rewound my DVR, only to hear Seacrest introduce it as Chris Cornell's version of Billie Jean.

Now I'm not as impressed.
Also - isn't that cheating a little bit?
I mean, if the theme is "Songs From The Year I Was Born", then using a version of it that didn't exist until more than a decade later seems like an unfair advantage.

I wish Chikezie would have had that option - because that dude's really entertaining, and sang the heck out of a song that was really dated.

Don't misunderstand - David Cook's performance was BY FAR the best of the night. He was a total standout. With this performance, and last week's version of Day Tripper (also VERY cool), he has finally found a spot in the competition that he deserves, whereas a few weeks ago, I would have gladly traded him for Cruella Deville just for novelty's sake.

Abby said it, and I agree. It would be cool for that guy to win American Idol. Either way, he'll probably be famous. But I'm just afraid he's going to get stuck as the front man for some Daughtry-esque Nickelback clone. And the world's got at least 2 too many of those already.

To summarize:
Tap natch performance by David Cook: Check
Killer cool arrangement by Chris Cornell: Check
Unfair advantage over other contestants, and questionable integrity: Check, check!


Next item on today's Idol-themed post made me laugh harder than I have in a while.
When they announced that Kristy Lee Cook would be singing, Proud To Be An American, I couldn't help but groan. I continued my groaning all the way through her dismal, bored performance of the worlds second cheesiest song (not even good enough to be the cheesiest).
It wasn't the surprising raves that she got from the judges that cracked me up, it was this comment from Simon,
"If I'm not mistaken, that song was written by a man named Lee Greenwood. Brilliant writer. Brilliant song."
In summary:
Respect for Simon's musical "expertise": ______

(that's NO CHECK in case you were wondering...)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


... somebody should totally post something here.