Wednesday, February 22, 2006


A means of getting two people so close together that they can't see anything wrong with each other.

I ran across these today, and thought SOMEbody might enjoy them.

The Philosophy of Kissing

The Theology of Kissing

In other news - Sick... sick as a dog. That's what I am. I never get sick. I think my white blood cells must be having a Sabbath.

Ahavah and Shalom.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Must-See TV

Oh, my goodness.

Classic Survivor.

Also - could anybody be hotter than Misty?
Not in J.T.-land.

WHAA!! Voted out??!!
It appears that the love of a simple J.T. is the kiss of death.
I may never watch again.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


This is Brett.
Brett was in my youth group when I first started serving at JBC in Baton Rouge. He's in college now, and is one of the coolest friends ever. When he was in High School, he played the drums for our worship band, and on the wall behind him hung an empty picture frame (I have no idea why). Every week he would write some little message on a piece of paper, and it hung there as the band played, and as I spoke. You can see it behind Mitchell in this picture:
Half the time I had no idea what they meant, or where he came up with them, but sometimes they were cool, and more than once, they ended up working into my Bible Study. I think I'm the only one that noticed that. Anyway- when I left, I stole them. Pulled them right off the wall, and put 'em in my bag as a souvenir. Here's some of the best of them.


"When you get what you want, but not what you need"

"I'd dig my way to China, unless I was there. Then I'd dig my way back home."

"I just want one more chance to put my arms in fragile hands."

"These are the words that take me away"

"We are who we were when"

"She's like a Paige Davis with a Monroe kiss"

"You live, you learn, then you get Luvs refrigerator"

"Join me on this lonely cloud"

"Smile like you mean it"

"Give it a name, call it a franchise"

"I've got soul, but I'm not a soldier"

"If wishes were horses, beggars woulde ride"

"They're walking to Wall Street in a straight jacket"

"real eyes
real lies"

"Everything is alive
Everything is breathing
Nothing is dead
Nothing is bleeding"

"It is usually the boys who cry wolf that grow up to be the men who cry Sanctuary"

"The only fresh start we need is a change of underwear"

"If you see it then you'll understand"

"Say hello to good times"

"I'm fighting for us, my heart is a soldier"

"You know me better than I do.
It's better if you lead the way."

"The times when I feel nothing,
I wake up to your eyes."

"His love lights the way to the last day"

"Don't cut your fabric to this year's fashion"

"Home is where you make it"

"They're only chasing safety"

"Ocean breathes salty"

"Keys to doors that don't exist"

"Disguising mistakes with goodbyes"

"It's failure that hurts the most"

"The way it should and shouldn't be"

Thursday, February 9, 2006

Go brain, go!

A couple of things I'm thinking about tonight:

- Dr. Rick Davis puts the smack down on his blog, aintsobad, today. Among other things, he says,
"... we can function with the church as organic. Jesus says so. He is always talking about how the Kingdom grows in organic germs.

So, we could stop acting like the church/Kingdom grows organizationally. For every Saddleback, there are ten BoardedUps. (By the way every mega-church is about two generations away from a big, empty building. Go to England, drive by Spurgeon's old church. Empty.) Prayer, Bible teaching in understandable expressions and connections to the soil/air make a church grow organically."

WHOA! Yikes. I'm thinking you might want to check out the whole post.

- Stupid Texas. Everybody over here drives trucks. Now, I don't really care if you drive a truck - but for crying out loud, learn how to park it! Always overlapping the freakin' lines and stuff. Hey Zeke, there's only so many parking spaces under the sun - you can use one at a time per car (unless you can figure out how to use fewer). Here's what I think. If Bubba can't figure out how to put it between the lines, he loses the right to complain if, sayyyy... I dunno... his tires get slashed, or something - speaking hypothetically, of course. I know, I know... that's not love. Fine. Try this: If you want to straddle the parking line, I would LOVE for you to get hemmorhoids. How 'bout that?

- My Name Is Earl. This show is TV gold, if you ask me. An original plot device that makes sense, and serves to provide material that moves the story along every week? That's more than you can expect from most 30 minute sitcoms. Genius. Plus? Jason Lee and that super-hot chick (and no, I'm not talking about Jamie Pressly). Gold, I tells ya.

- Evidently, due to a dispute with the franchisee, all the Krispy Kremes in Houston will be shut down, and re-opened as Jumble's Dough Factory & Coffee Bar. No more KK for H-town.
In other news - I couldn't care less.

- Looks like the Texans are exercising the option on David Carr's contract. Contrary to popular will, it seems he might be around for 3 more years, making it fairly obvious who they are going to choose with their #1 draft pick.

- Reggie Bush, RB from USC - in case you were wondering.

- I think my upstairs neighbor must be an insomniac who weighs about a gazillion pounds, and is only endowed with a single leg - forcing him or her to hop their considerable girth around the apartment at all hours of the day and night.

- Dear Grey's Anatomy,
I'm glad we finally got to get together for a bit the other night. I have heard so many great things about you from people whose opinions I trust. I'm sorry for falling asleep during your third episode. Don't get me wrong - you're great, and all, but... I'm afraid you might not be for me. Oh, no, it's not because of anything you really did or didn't do. It's more of just a place that I'm kind of at right now. I mean, I know it's not what it used to be, but I've had this thing going with The West Wing for a long time, and with reruns and syndication and all, I don't want to mess that up. Things are also really good between LOST and me, right now. The truth is, I just don't have room in my life for another show. Especially one so complicated and long-running as you seem to have become. Oh -no... those are good things, just.... like I said... not for me - not right now. I'll always keep you on my external hard-drive, though. And maybe one day - after this new season of Survivor has come and gone - we can give things another try? I'd hate to give up so easily, you know? I'm not a quitter, but I know you deserve more.


Thursday, February 2, 2006


A couple of thoughts...

1. How the mighty have fallen.

2. Germans love him. They really, really do.

3. Is it just me - or is this guy Bruce Wayne? If it wouldn't violently rip all credibility from the character - I'd say that he's got the perfect look for Bruce Wayne, and maybe even the build for Batman. At least, he did when this video was made - whenever that was.

4. Nah, it's just me.

5. The lyrics on his version? Botched.

6. I'll admit that I actually LOVE this song....

7. ... the B.J. Thomas version.

8. Maybe we could just keep that stuff I said before about Bruce Wayne/Batman between us, huh? It'll be our little secret.

That is all.

Oh, except for this:
It's black history month - never forget. Never, ever forget.

Also - Happy G-hog day! 6 more weeks of winter? Here in H-town, I'd be surprised at just one.