Monday, January 3, 2005

Another time 'round this ball 'o fun

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Look, do I have to say "Happy New Year!", or even mention that we have crossed the threshhold of 2005, if I include a cute picture of a little nekkid baby wearing a silly hat? There. Done. Snarf.

How was your holiday? Mine was great. Among other things, I got a Nintendo chair, a new bookcase for my room, a cd/dvd/video rack for my office, the new U2 cd, and one of those lovelies right there on the left. That's right, a brand new 20 GB Apple iPod. So far I've loaded 792 songs (about half of my cd collection) and taken up exactly 2.92 GB of space. I can't imagine how I'll ever fill this thing up. It sure beats having to carry around all my cd's, though. I also got one of those super-cool things that broadcasts the iPod on my car's radio. It's like having my very own radio station that only plays songs that I like. Except I can skip them if I'm not in the mood. It is the ultimate in crass American instant gratification self-indulgent consumer materialism. I should be ashamed to say - I LOVE IT. But I'm not.

The coolest gift I gave was a Bonsai Tree, to my Dad. It fits him perfectly, and I had a blast finding it and picking it out. I bought it from a little Asian man with no fingers, from his van on the side of the road. I think he lives in the van. Anyway - I hope the tree doesn't die - because in my mind, that would be a bad omen. I also got Emily the Velvet Revolver cd, which I proceeded to immediately steal and rip onto my iPod. I must admit to getting a little misty-eyed when she said she wanted it. That's my girl....

My New Year's Resolution is to eat breakfast. Seriously. I haven't eaten breakfast at breakfast time since I was in High School. Eating breakfast, to me, implies getting up early enough to do so, which implies going to bed early enough to do so. I actually did eat breakfast this morning - an Instant Breakfast. I had donuts in Sunday School on Sunday Morning. I'm counting both.

So what's the coolest thing you gave for Christmas? What's the coolest thing you got? And what's your New Year's Resolution? Come on, folks, this is what comments, and that new chatterbox, are for. Spill yer guts. Share your feelings with the group. Don't edit yourself.

Shalom out.

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