Tuesday, September 5, 2006


It really is quite amazing (and frightening at the same time) what you can find on eBay if you just look hard enough. I just KNEW that there was one of these out there somewhere. Of course, those were the days before MP3's. Bonus tracks include Gothic Mad Libs, a poem by Melchizidek, the Plague Giver, and one song by lesser artists, No Girls Allowed.

And yes- I've checked iTunes. No way NOSFERATU-tu will ever be sold there. Mainly because I'll never sell my share of the rights. No way. Forget it.

Fortunately - I have the only known VIDEO of this concert in existence, and I'm pretty sure there's part of an episode of Seinfeld over some of it.


hello jamie: said...

I'm fairly certain I was at that concert... and just, wow.

Dannybrou said...

I was there too!!!!!

The Bagboy said...

I'm sorry, but is that thing REAL?!? 'Cause that is BAD A**!

Anonymous said...

OK. I looked on e-bay and did not see it. I also cannot find any referance to the "Bunnybat Productions" online.

Is this a photoshop job?

For real?

Because Nate's b-day is coming up and I'd like a copy and if I spend weeks looking only to find out this was a joke I WILL cut your balls off.

- EJ