Thursday, September 6, 2007

Round on both ends.... hi in the middle....

Dateline - Columbus, Ohio.
Not much to brag about today. We drove alot. Through Knoxville, Lexington, and Cincinnati, and ended up in Columbus. We actually made really good time, but then had trouble finding a hotel room that didn't cost a fortune, and didn't look like it rented by the hour, so we checked in around 8:30.
That was kind of a hassle, and hacked me off a little, to be honest.
But I got over it just in time to watch the Saints put on the worst display of football ineptitude in history (so far).

The lesson, then, for today is twofold:
1) Book your hotels online ahead of time using
2) Whenever you blitz the corner - you cannot let Marvin Harrison or Reggie Wayne behind your defense! I mean - that's a no-brainer, man!

Until tomorrow, friends - shalom.


The Bagboy said...

And that is why I almost NEVER blitz the corner.


gin said...

Go Peyton, go...

gin said...

Oh, and "Hi" to my good friend,'s things?