Thursday, November 8, 2007

Shofar - so good.

So - blah blah blah - spiritual gifts, blah blah "one body, many parts", blah blah blah kingdom of Heaven.
What I mean is - all the churchy words I would use to describe the relevance of this clip would be powerless against the actual viewing of it. So just watch it, okay? And remember - it's a beautiful thing.

I do love the way it all starts with the blowing of the Shofar, though. A nice touch.

Shout out to Brit, who commented the other day, and who I stole this from. Thanks.


Dylan Newhouse said...

Shofar, so good.

Leah said...


J.T. said...

Man, I wish I had remembered that!

The title has been changed to reflect your genius.

Brit said...

Man i am honoured you read my blog and used it. the video is class. the making of it is pretty intense as well. thanks for the shout out