Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Rabbi says...

"You have to be so totally disconnected from the pain of the world to think that blogging is somehow a redemptive use of your time."
- Rob Bell in Q &A: Rob Bell Tells It Like It Is, Relevant Magazine - January/February 2008 Issue

Zing!-ed by the rabbi once again!
(see this previous post for his first, more personal insult to me.)
But I'm not bitter.

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robert said...

okay i haven't read the article so what i'm about to say so please read it as a completely ignorant comment. also know that i like rob bell.

here goes.

what an amazingly smug statement. like everything bell spends his time on is "a redemptive use of [his] time." i seem to remember him once mentioning having gone skateboarding during the week during one of his sermons. skateboarding is more redemptive than developing and recording one's thoughts on various subjects? and in light of the pain of the world being interviewed is somehow a redemptive use of one's time?

smug, that's what i say in my ignorance. of course, if i had read the article i would probably agree with whatever he was saying. i guess.