Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Did he just?!.... Nahhh.....

Okay, listen up, and listen close because I'm only going to say this once.
Iron Man is the greatest superhero movie ever made.
So far.


Shane said...

okay - if you said that, batboy, then I am seeing this mug in the theatre.

'nuff said

The Bagboy said...

I knew you'd like it, but you really liked it better than Batman Begins? Which you once described to me as the perfect (Batman) movie?

But yes, Iron Man rocks. Did you stay for the extra scene after the credits?

J.T. said...

Of course I stayed!
I always stay for the credits, for this very reason.
And it was oohhhhh so good.

I hear Tony Stark has a cameo in the new Hulk movie, too.

hello jamie: said...

For serious? The trailer doesn't appeal to me at all... and I love me some superhero movies. It just looks... bland.

Fine. I'll go see it. But only because I trust you boys. And by "trust you boys" I mean "trust you boys to give me relatively decent suggestions on superhero movies."

Oh, and also because Robert Downey Jr. is hot.

Dylan Newhouse said...

I just wanted to concur.

"Avengers Initiative" indeed.

Cory said...

I would definitely says it ONE of the greatest...

I need you to unpack some logical reasons to defend your position. Why would you say this is better than Batman Begins?

Are you counting Transformers as a superhero movie?

J.T. said...

I would say no about Transformers.
Originally I said it was the best comic book movie ever, but then I was reminded about books like 300, or Sin City, or Ghost World - so I had to say "superhero" movie. Which technically rules out both Batman AND Iron Man, since neither is super, just a hero (which, in my opinion, is what makes them so great). But since they both play in the superhero arena, let's say that for the sake of argument.

My reasons are thus:
1. The medium.
2. Plausibility.
3. Casting.

1. As a realistic movie - Batman just doesn't translate. It's an idea that works well as a comic book, but not much else. I fully acknowledge this. Iron Man works great as a movie, and pretty good as a comic book. That being said - If I had to choose, I would much rather see an Iron Man movie than read the comic. If I had to choose, I would much rather read a Batman comic than see a movie. Because...

2. A man dressed as a bat? Come on. It's just not plausible in real-world terms. A man who is the worlds greatest detective, dressed in all-black, in the shadows, with body armor, cool gadgets, and mastery of every conceivable fighting style - okay. But bat ears, and a cape? That wouldn't so much inspire fear in me, as it would confusion and possibly laughter if I ran into him in real life.

3. The problem with superhero movies is that good actors just aren't big enough to play them. Granted, Superman doesn't really need to be big, because his power comes from our yellow sun, and not his muscles. Tony Stark doesn't have to be big, because his strength comes from the armor. But Batman is different. He's GOT to be big - bodybuilder big. Christian Bale is not big. He's also not a great Bruce Wayne. When I think of Bruce Wayne, I think of Patrick Warburton. Putty, from Seinfeld - now he's on that Rules of Engagement show. That guy is a perfect Bruce Wayne. Give the guy from that show a couple billion dollars and you've got your billionair-head playboy. The cool thing about Tony Stark is that all the stuff Bruce Wayne is pretending to be - Tony Stark actually is. And Robert Downey Jr. is infinitely more interesting to watch than Christian Bale. Michael Caine as Alfred? Great actor, but sorry... not close enough. I'm sure Heath Ledger will make a great joker, but he's just not close enough to the comic book for me.

And really - that's all it ever boils down to. How close to the comic book is the movie? Iron Man was REALLY close, probably because it was made by a comic book company, and not a movie company with rights to a comic. Batman Begins/ The Dark Knight are as close as we've gotten with Batman - but Iron Man shows us we can get closer. And I'm not even sure Batman movies are a good idea at all. It's just a better concept for the page than the screen.

hello jamie: said...

Having seen the film last night, I have to respectfully disagree. I will say in my defense that I am not a comic-reader, only a movie-watcher, so caveat emptor-- my statements come from that point of view only.


Batman, say, the Tim Burton Batman, and the original Superman, the X-Men, etc, created these wonderful universes in which everything that happened seemed plausible. Ironman tried to make me believe those things were plausible in MY universe, and I wasn't buying it. There was also way too little plot and way too much blowing stuff up for my taste.

However, I did love Robert Downey, Jr. as Tony Stark, and I agree with your Bruce Wayne assessment. I always thought Michael Keaton was the greatest Bruce Wayne, if not the greatest Batman.

I think the new Dark Knight trailer looks AWESOME and Heath Ledger's make-up alone inspires squees from me. His voice sounds great too. I can't wait. And I'm SO GLAD they got my girl crush Maggie Gyllenhaal because Katie Robot Holmes was so boring I fall asleep the moment she steps on screen. The music is chilling and Aaron Eckhart is a great actor. I am really looking forward to it.

Christie said...

This isn't really about your Ironman post, because of course I haven't seen it (2 kids, no time...I think the last movie I saw in the theater was The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything). Anyway, my husband was talking about a new Batman movie that's coming out sometime. I don't know details. My first question was How many Batman movies can there be?! And that led to me remembering this: I was finally coming back to Marshall after 17 days in Germany. Everyone else had someone pick them up at the airport, but I rode back to Marshall with Alan Thompson. My 'good friend' JT was supposed to meet me there, but instead went to see some Batman movie in Longview with his friends! You did leave a note on my car, I'll give you that. So I went to McDonald's...alone...and locked my keys in my car. I don't remember how I got back into my car, so that's the end of my pitiful story. Pretty sad, huh? Oh, but I did get to know my husband on that Germany trip, so I guess it's not that pitiful. :-) Where was he when I was locked out of my car? Anyway, that is the memory that came to me when I heard 'Batman movie.' Just thought I'd share!