Friday, May 21, 2010

*slurrrrp* Ahhhhh!

This is my coffee cup.
Ain't she a beauty?

As you can see - it's a Batman coffee cup.
I wouldn't have it any other way.
It lives on my desk at work, and helps me get through the hours by providing a more-than-average-amount of hot, black, sweet coffee a couple of times a day.
Sometimes I don't finish all my coffee, and I leave it sitting on the desk overnight with cold coffee inside of it.
Sometimes that leaves a ring of coffee around the bottom part of my cup, but I don't care.
I rinse it out with cold - yes COLD - water. I don't even use dish soap.
It's like how when you get a new cast-iron skillet, it's not really good for cooking until it's been seasoned - until it's gotten the crusted crud of a hundred meals burned into its bottom and sides.
It gives the coffee a flavor all its own.
A flavor that can't be reproduced in a stupid styrofoam cup. (PLEASE.)
I'm convinced that's why my grandmother's coffee tastes better than any coffee I've ever had.
It's not the coffee - it's the cup.

I've had this cup for quite a long time now.
Almost 10 years, I'd say.
If I remember correctly, Abby bought this cup for me after we had broken up the first time, and we were just friends.  I think she got it at Astroworld in Houston which doesn't exist anymore. 
This coffee cup is a freakin' one-of-a-kind unique collectors item, man!
In it's 10-year tour of duty with me, this coffee cup has seen some stuff, man.
If this coffee cup could talk.... well, I'd probably be a rich man, because hey- a talking coffee cup!
But seriously, it'd probably have some really great stories.

Sure, I've used other coffee cups from time to time.
At other people's houses, and at my own.
But no coffee cup has ever been so singularly mine as ol' Batman.
Since I'm clumsy and tend to knock stuff over and drop stuff - I rarely keep breakable things for very long.
Which is why I'm proud to extol the virtues of Batman - the miracle cup.
Here's to 10 more caffeinated years old chum!

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