Wednesday, November 3, 2004

Let the healing begin...

Well, it's finally over. Ohio is the new Florida... or almost was. It was close, as the pundits predicted, but not that close. The president garnered the highest number of popular votes ever received by a candidate. Voter turnout was way up - and I believe the only lawsuits will be against P-Diddy, by the families of those who voted, and in fact, died anyway.

I was amazed at how, on every network, the anchors and their analysts kept remarking about how evangelical Christians were turning out in large numbers, and making a difference on moral issues. I was also amazed and the number and location of red states. The fact that the president won so many states, and so many popular votes, shows just how out of touch Hollywood, Michael Moore, Bruce Springsteen, Eminem, The Dixie Chicks, Michael Stipe, Gideon freakin' Yago and everybody who allowed themselves to be convinced by something as ridiculous as Farenheit 9/11 are with mainstream America. I am so tired of people acting as if their fame (notoriety?) gives them some kind of political authority. The same thing goes for Curt Schilling.

Don't get me wrong... I'm not one of those "We're too divided..." folks. I actually think that division is a good thing. It's keeps both sides in check. Spiritually speaking, the ancient Jews saw arguing about different interpretations of the Torah as a sign of spiritual health. You argue because you care. I see our country the same way. When we stop arguing about it, and we all agree, then everybody gets their way - which seems to me not a very good idea. Thank God I don't always get what I want. When we stop struggling with the issues, we get lazy and allow anyone with a little bit of influence to step in and run things their way.

It does seem to me that there is a fair amount of outrage among a majority of Americans, specifically Conservative Americans, and they are not about to allow this country to be taken in an amoral direction. That being said - let's see if a supposedly Conservative president with a Republican Senate majority, and a Republican House majority can actually accomplish something that inspires and helps people. Let's see if they can transcend politics every now and then and be what they were elected to be.

Le Roi est morte. Vive le Roi!

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