Thursday, February 16, 2006

Must-See TV

Oh, my goodness.

Classic Survivor.

Also - could anybody be hotter than Misty?
Not in J.T.-land.

WHAA!! Voted out??!!
It appears that the love of a simple J.T. is the kiss of death.
I may never watch again.


krysten said...

that's as hot as it gets in your land?!

well, i guess with that whole "kiss of death" thing (and probably just your aim in general) you don't set the standards that high.


J.T. said...

Ouch Krysten. Ouch. You know, I play it all cool and stuff, but really - a little part of my soul dies every time you bring that incident up. (currently at 73% of reccommended soul levels)

And as for her being hot - she fits my "type" exactly. Tallish, smart, with long dark hair. You should have seen her on the show. I guess I have always had a thing for girls that don't wear make-up. Weird.

I guess I'll work all this out with my therapist.