Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Concerning MySpace

Articles at churchmarketingsucks.com and CNNMoney.com are citing some fascinating statistics about the users of MySpace. According to comScore,
Some 87% of users today are 18 or older; 52% are 35 or older...
These numbers do not appear to just be taken from the ages given when people register, either, but independent offline research by the company.

If this is true, it better not get out. Nothing will make MySpace less cool than finding out it's populated by oldies. Especially those of us who claim to secretly hate it, but nevertheless have elaborate pimped out profiles, even though we are "just trying it out" (I'm looking at you, J.T.'s friend list).

Does anybody buy these statistics?

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TastyCakes said...

I wonder just how accurate that statistic is, though. Since age is a mandatory category at registration, I know alot of people that just put their age as 100 if they don't want to put their real age. Also, alot of groups just make up an age.