Sunday, October 1, 2006


... I got engaged today. To Abby.
I know - I'm just as surprised as you are.

Edited to add:
Check out her take here.
"J.T.! I knew you were likely to take a wife!" - Shane Mullin


krysten said...

um, seems like that shouldn't be the kind of thing that surprises you! haha!

robert terrell said...

congrats j.t.

J.T. said...

Thanks, guys!
Krys- well, surprised that there's actually somebody out there who would be foolish enough to submit herself to a lifetime of my company. Too late, now, though!

Robert - Thanks man! I miss you, bro!

Anonymous - Sorry, whoever you were, but rules is rules. Gotta include your name if you wanna say something. Even if it's nice.

shane mullin said...

LOL! I DID NOT say that! But it is pretty funny. What I said was, "Sweet! You found someone who likes you 'just as you are'"

But Seriously, I am so stoked for you guys, especially because you really need to get laid... just kidding... no I'm not... just kidding... no I'm not...

Okay that could go on for a while - I really am happy for you! Congratulations!

Beth said...

Congrats hon. You couldn't have picked a better girl.