Sunday, August 23, 2009

Two thumbs "meh"

So, yeah - just got back from seeing District 9.
When I first saw the trailer a while back I was like, "Meh"...
And then when it came out all the reviews were like, "Whoaa, sweet!"
And then everybody I knew saw it and they were all, "Duuuude!"
So I've been dying to go.
And then tonight on my way to pick up Abz for the movie, I talked to my Dad, and he was like, "Worst. Movie. Ever."
Which really surprised me, so I was really intrigued.
I didn't know what to think.

And now that I've seen it, I'm just like, "Hm. Ok."

After seeing it, one of my friends said that it was an "important movie".
Can movies be important?
Isn't that really stretching the meaning of the word "important"?
I guess ideas can be important.
Ideas like equality, human (or nonhuman) rights, diplomacy.
Ideas like government, transparency, and State secrets.
But not movies.
And probably not this movie.

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Shane Mullin said...

Can parables be important?

Isn't that what movies are, the parable of the 21st century? I have said it more than once, I think Jesus in a world where Hollywood exists might have been a director.

Isn't the medium the message too? Is it ever possible to divorce ideas from how they are communicated?

I mean, c'mon - I think this is an important blog, but maybe that's because I think you are important.