Monday, August 24, 2009

You are *bleep* the father!

On no other show is the targeted advertising so blatant (or more confusing) than the Maury show.
It's kind of hilarious, and a little heartbreaking, actually.
Apparently, they assume that the people who watch Maury are the same kind of people who are ON Maury.
They need education - ANY education - fast, in the fields of court reporting, nursing/medical assistance, air conditioning repair, and criminal justice.
They also need lawyers - BAD. They need lawyers for their Social Security benefits, their outstanding IRS liability, and their injuries in motor vehicle accidents.
Lastly - they are diabetics. REALLY OLD ones.

They are age 65-and-over unemployed high-school dropouts who owe the IRS money (for taxes on income they didn't make), who have recently been hurt in an accident, and can't afford their diabetic testing supplies.

Also - and if you can believe it, this is actually more ridiculous than the other thing -
I'm pretty sure the producers of the Maury show actually ADD bleeps where none are necessary, in order to make the show seem more scandalous.
For the life of me, I cannot figure out what the *bleep* is being censored on that show most of the time.

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