Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Remembering MLK: Kid Logic


There is no greater radio program than This American Life. I'd rather listen to This American Life than watch any program on TV or any movie in a theater. On June 22, 2001, they did a show called "Kid Logic". It was described as"Stories of kids using perfectly logical arguments, and arriving at perfectly wrong conclusions." In this, my favorite clip from my favorite show - we hear the opposite of that. A father tells the story of his young daughter reaching a heartbreaking, but perfectly logical conclusion about Jesus and MLK.

This link will take you straight to Act 1 of the show, give you some background on the subject, and a couple of other examples of Kid Logic. 

Scroll across to 13:11-16:55 for the specific story I'm talking about.

This American Life #188: Kid Logic

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