Monday, October 10, 2005

"Leaving home ain't easy.... but may be the only way" - Queen

Finally. I've been holding off posting, until I had something official to say, and now I guess I can let the cat out of the bag.

I'm moving to Houston. It's official. I submitted my resignation to my pastor today, and let him know I'd only be staying through the end of October. This Wednesday I will face the daunting task of having to tell the group of students I've grown to love that I won't be their youth minister anymore. This weekend, I'll tell the church, and next week, they'll publish my letter of resignation in the church newsletter. I'm not sure how people will react. Some will probably be angry. Some will be disappointed. Some will be relieved. I must admit I've never really had close friends at the church aside from some teenagers, and kids who are now in the college group. I wonder if they will decide to go ahead and pretend I've already left. This could be a very lonely three weeks. While I'm excited about the future, everything I do at Jefferson for the next 3 weeks will have a sort of bitter taste to it - all the "lasts".

However, I am hopeful, and optimistic about starting something new. I am throwing in my lot with a church in Houston where my aunt, uncle and cousin go. Copperfield Church is much larger than any church I've been involved with before, and comes about as close as I can imagine to what I would call an "ideal situation". After several visits, to interview, to teach Sunday School, to attend a couple of student events to meet kids, and to get interrogated by parents, the church voted on me yesterday morning. Rumor has it, the results were 189 to 5 in my favor. Those five people have been summarily executed. Seriously though, I am going to be the Sr. High School Minister, on a team with several other top-notch folks, including a Jr. High Minister. Both the Sr. High and Jr. High youth groups have about 150 kids each, so this will be no small task. The magnitude of this responsibility - especially in comparison to my present responsibility - is not lost on me.

The next couple of weeks will involve getting the house in order at Jefferson, packing, and finding an apartment in H-town. I think the part I'm least looking forward to is cleaning out my office. Ugh. Maybe I could just take what's mine and skip town with piles of paper and mail on my desk and a five gallon bucket of plastic flamingos in the middle of the floor. But probably not. Do any of you know anybody in Houston? I don't know a lot of folks, but let me tell you this - I'm getting just enough of a pay increase to spring for a 2 bedroom apartment, and if you can read this I expect you to fill half of it at some point. No, really. I need your company.

Alot of posts in the near future might trend toward the cathartic - me quoting Donald Miller, whining about leaving, starting over, moving on, family, friends are friends forever kind of crap. Just play along. I'm sure I'll be letting you know which LOST character I am, which Napoleon Dynamite character I am, what my emo name is, and which High School stereotype fits me.

Your thoughts?


krysten said...

i will miss sitting in your church parking lot when i come to visit...oh, and sitting in the coffee-shop parking lot...hey, whats the deal with parking lots?

anyway, i wish you the best with your move and the new location...doesnt alex icaza live in houston? maybe you can look him up.

will you drive in to see me when i come back to btr for visits? (i think we're planning one for jan-feb of next year...).

glad to read from you, jas, even if it is saying that you're leaving the lil B.

Jessica said...

Hey J.T.
The Thacker clan is not far from Houston and would love to see you. I've even become quite a cook, if you can believe it, and you can eat our food and spend time with another little J.T. Let us know if you need anything . . .we've got some great friends in Houston that would be accepting of your bald head and witty banter. Seriously, congrats on making the big move. You'll be great!


Shelly said...

You are Hurley. Don't let your weight problem keep you from enjoying this. :)

Celebrate good times, come on!

robert terrell said...

sorry to hear that you've not going to be in baton rouge but i am excited for you still. of course, this crushes our idea of starting an alternative worship within baton rouge. GOD will never forgive you for that. i guess that you are now doomed to hell. sorry to hear that. :)

The Bagboy said...

Houston blows, but we're finally making a Texas boy of you (college doesn't count, 'cause Marshall blows even more than Houston). We're that much closer to living the life of bachelor utopian bliss!

Or, you know, whatever.

Pat Man said...

Biggest CONGRATS!!!! WOOT!!! It's finally over. The tyranny at the big JBC. I hate to see you move away, being my little brother and all, but I know you'll be much happier and be the greatest... I think Jeff Francis' Dad lives in Houston, and they visit there frequently so you may get to see him, and we will definently have to come by and see ya... While you're there keep an eye out for a Triumph Bobber for me. Thanks for the memories!!!

In your honor...

"Shalom Out"


Dani said...

You should take Jess up on her offer to come visit. Eagle Lake is only 45 minutes from the outskirts of west Houston. It would be GREAT to see you "brutha."

**"brutha" a reference to desmond