Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Lord, who sinned.....

Robert Terrell has U2 tickets for the show in Houston this Friday night. Not only that - he has passes for INSIDE THE CIRCLE. Not only that - he has passes to get in during the setup.

Robert and I used to be friends. Before now.

Remember that time when Jesus and the disciples encountered the man who had been blind from birth, and the disciples asked him who had sinned, the man or his parents, to have him born that way?

After reading his post, I found myself asking a similar question.
"Lord, who sinned? Me, or my parents, that Robert gets my U2 tickets and passes?"
"Lord, what good has Robert ever done that he gets those tickets instead of me?"
Then God was like, "Don't you read his blog, yo?" And he started to go on and on and on about stuff Robert had done, and I finally just had to quit listening, and start praying for him to get really, really violently sick.


The Bagboy said...

Kind of like how I'm doing over your desire to waste money on U2?

krysten said...

or you could start praying that you finally wake up to the reality that U2 is freakin' LAME.

Someone please put Bono out of my misery...

Tanya Rallinson said...

I asked myself the same question one time. Except it wasn't U2. It was NKOTB!


Shane said...

Dude, They just don't understand what ICON means do they?