Monday, December 19, 2005

Penguin Baseball


Fair warning. If, by some unlucky circumstance, you should happen to click there, I defy you to NOT spend the whole rest of your ENTIRE DAY there. I daresay it cannot be done.
This is an even greater waste of time than the freaky woman falling through the bubbles (but you couldn't resist clicking there either, could you?). You heard it here first. Post your high scores. Mine are 593, 589, 587.

**Edited to add** Don't bother clicking the link to the freaky woman falling through the bubbles. She's not there anymore, and frankly what is there is liable to be quite disturbing to anyone desiring a little lighthearted fun. It is, as they say, NSFW. Although, some of you would probably be hard-pressed not to spend your entire day there.


krysten said...


i think i got 0 like twenty times though, haha! stupid thing.

krysten said...'re behind the times, sucka!

ol' Phaino is pointin' at the wrong place over there on the left.

...and i thought you were on top of these kinds of things.


J.T. said...



Grant said...

I come over to your blog from Robert Terrell's expecting deep and interesting dialogue and instead I find this.

Thank you, God. :)

I only got to 529.4. What's the secret?