Tuesday, January 3, 2006


A couple of things I'd write about right now, if I wasn't so tired, and needed to get up early tomorrow:

- What do director Elia Kazan; actors John Cusack, Ewan McGregor, Alec Baldwin, Tommy Lee Jones, and Cary Grant; guitar virtuoso Jimmy Page; H-bomb inventor Robert Oppenheimer; Bollywood actor Hritwik Roshan; and deposed, grizzled and misunderstood former dictator Saddam Hussein have in common?

- Brokeback Mountain. So,... um.... yeah....

- Memoirs Of A Geisha. Ohhh, the pretty...

- My visit to ecclesia. Hey J.T., is that an "emergent church"? What the heck do I know? What does that even mean, anyway?

- The Lord's Supper. Twice in one day? Corporate or private, or both, or neither? Open or closed? Wine? Go to hell twice? Some have gotten sick and even died? At some point, wasn't it an actual meal?

- New Year's resolutions. How long can I realistically put this post off?

- What I got/gave for Christmas. Yeah, the critical period for this one's probably run out.

- LSU going 11-2 with a 40-3 win over Miami in the Peach Bowl.

Anybody want to hear about any of that stuff?


Shelly said...

My gift must still be in the mail?

krysten said...

we're HERE aren't we??

J.T. said...

So - yeah... that question was actually kind of a rhetorical one... I actually have plans for that stuff. But, as I mentioned - I was really too tired.

Everyone - I have an announcement. I'm sorry to have to put an end to anonymous comments. If you have something worth saying, please identify yourself. You can still post anonymously, if you wish, but it's unlikely that it will last long. All previous anonymous comments have been sacked.

'preciate it.