Saturday, January 14, 2006

Full Service

So, I have this theory...

Today, I went in to pay for my gas with cash, which I very seldom ever do. I had like 13 bucks on me, and so I told them, "13 on number 3". Like you do. 13 bucks was not going to fill it up, so the little attendent dude had to program the pump to shut off at 13 bucks. This I understand. So, I'm rockin' and rollin', the pump is scrollin', the gasoline is flowing.




And then it happened. The flow of gas slows way down at about $12.85 - as if this machine were afraid that if it didn't take it easy, it might miss its intended mark of $13.00. What gives? I know that when that happens there's just barely a trickle of gas coming through the hose. Am I getting my money's worth? Now, more than ever, that 15 cents means a heck of a lot. That's not my real beef, though. I guess I expect to get cheated out of a few ounces during those last couple of seconds. But it seems to me that the slow-down-time is starting earlier and earlier all the time... so that I am deprived of more and more of my rightfully purchased fuel every time. I've only been driving about 10 or 12 years now. But didn't it used to slow down at $12.90? I'm sure I remember it. In fact, I'm pretty sure there was a time when it didn't slow down until $12.93 or $12.95, even. Periodically, gas companies increase, ever so slightly, the slow-down-time of the pumps, until pretty soon, they'll be stealing a good 30 seconds of our gas. What then? I think I'm the only one that's noticed. It's like the frog in the kettle, man. Frog in the kettle. You know what I'm talking about!


B.N.P. said...

You're such a whinger!! Maybe now Americans can start paying for their pipeline slave labour!! *wink wink*

hello jamie: said...

[quote]You know what I'm talking about![/quote]

Hardly ever.

Betcha didn't think that anyone would notice your little "G B, G!" on the gas pump. Nice touch.

Also, isn't a whinger a sword of some kind?

J.T. said...

Your guess is as good as mine.

robert terrell said...

this is why i have a gas card - i don't pay the bill each month but i do have a gas card.

The Bagboy said...

"Whinger" is the Brit way of saying "whiner". Those wacky Brits and their extrra letterss.

hello jamie: said...

It's also a sword. Don't fight me on philology, suckah.