Monday, January 16, 2006


- Check out these sidewalk drawings by Julian Beever. CRAZY stuff. Click on the link to see more, and see how he does it.

- Our offices are NOT closed for MLK day, as they should be. So, here I am, practically alone. Tommy and I are the only members of the leadership team who bothered to show up. Makes me think I'm about 30 minutes from pretty much heading back to the house. Feeling a little bit not-awesome today, anyway.

- The West Wing = The Best Thing. Last night's episode was my favorite in a LONG time. AND, did anybody notice the credit - Written by Bradley Whitford.

- I also watched two David Blaine specials last night. I really, really want to think that he is for real, but I know better. However, I think he might be the devil. I am very proud to say, though, that thanks to the magic of DVR, I was able to rewind live television, and unravel the mystery of at least one of his tricks.

- Here's a pretty cool Benediction from my first trip over to ecclesia a few weeks back.
Nestled in the arms of God
You with jubilant desire for his love
Who are the reflection of his eye
The creation who arrest5s his breath
You are the object of his jealous passion

Weeping upon his footstool
You who yearn and hope for his presence
Who find yourselves captured in obsession
In search of a grace filled love, after adulterous rejection
You are the object of his jealous passion

Suffering for the sake of conscience
You who feel injustice boil blood and stir wisdom
Who find time to fill plates and cast vision
The worn and weary humble laden... rest.
You are the object of his jealous passion.

Within a new day abreast a new year of our Lord.
May sacred blood mark your chest and you words
In a candid love affair spilling faith from promises kept
Where you see you are the object of his jealous passion.

May you be overwhelmed with hugs and kisses
From the hearts of innocent givers
May a childlike trust overwhelm you
So you know you are the object of his jealous passion.


hello jamie: said...

TWW was AWESOME. Back to the actual West Wing, for first time in a long time. Loved it. I know a lot of people don't really like Kate Harper but I really do. Plus...

Danny and C.J. Forever!!

Anonymous said...

Umm...I watched David Blaine too...and I have DVR. I guess I didn't see what you did...Help?


J.T. said...

Word up about Danny and C.J.

"As long as I'm jumping off a cliff, and you're being pushed off the cliff... I think we should hold hands on the way down."

Cory -
It was the one of the card tricks on the street in New Orleans, where the guy chose a card and then DB pulled it out of his pocket, and then he did it again, and pulled the whole deck out of his pocket, and had the guy's card in his hand. It was just slight of hand. The second time, when he went to pull the card out of his pocket, he just palmed the deck, and put it there when he reached in his pocket.

Sounds pretty stupid, actually, when I try to explain it.

krysten said...

i cant believe you didnt put THIS one in your post!

those are crazy.

J.T. said...

I knew somebody was going to say that. I actually saved that picture to my desktop a couple of days ago to use for this post, but I decided that it didn't illustrate the point as well as those others. Better believe I grabbed it, though.

gasoon said...

Hi, i have posted a a short clip of David blaine not long ago... hope you like it.